Roll Cooling

Selecting the right spray nozzle type is essential when either designing a new roll cooling system or improving an existing outdated nozzle system.

In both hot and cold rolling mills controlling the heat generated in the process, whether for removal or conversion, is done best by using a series of spray headers and spray nozzles specified and designed to make sure that both the rolls and associated equipment are cooled evenly and efficiently.

A well-designed roll cooling spray system using the latest spray nozzle technology should be able to not only cool but also maintain the lower temperature giving the mill operators confidence that the thermal distribution across and around the rolls is as they require.

Along with Everloy, our manufacturing partner and world leader in spray technology, we can work with you from the design stage through to design and manufacture of the spray nozzles and headers helping improve cooling performance while controlling the amount of water and energy used.

Achieving complete even coverage by using the most stable spray pattern while also minimising the unnecessary overuse of power and water are all important factors in evenly lowering and maintaining the roll temperature.

In order to achieve this, we recommend using the Everloy KSAM nozzle assembly, which comprises of flat fan dovetail nozzle tip, built in nozzle filter, dovetail welded or threaded body and retaining cap. This nozzle features:

  • A special filter mounted in the back of the nozzle
  • Precise alignment of spray nozzle tip
  • Nozzle flows and angles designed for each mill

The specially designed filter improves the performance of the nozzle by creating:

  • A defined spray pattern which contributes to higher impact force without wasting energy or water by increasing pressure or moving to a larger nozzle size to achieve the same performance, as is the case with standard flat fan nozzle used on roll cooling systems.
  • Less clogging of the nozzle tip, giving the nozzle a longer life, reducing expensive and inconvenient downtime.

Using the built-in filter in the KSAM nozzle, has a great advantage when compared to more traditional roll cooling nozzles, as can be seen in the below graphic:

¾ KSAM 5045 Nozzle Spray Pattern Comparison

Without filter

3/4 KSAM 5045 Nozzle Spray Pattern Without filter

With filter

3/4 KSAM 5045 Nozzle Spray Pattern With filter

To discuss improving your current roll cooling spray system, please contact us to speak to one of our technical sales team.

PDF Product Downloads

KSAM Nozzle KSAM Flat Fan Nozzle

KSAM Flat Fan Nozzle

CRC1 Nozzle CRC1 Flat Fan Dovetail Nozzle

CRC1 Flat Fan Dovetail Nozzle

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