Flat spray & straight jet spray nozzles

These standard water spraying nozzles are considered the backbone of the industry and can be used for a multitude of applications.

Flat spray nozzles are some of the most versatile around. Giving flow rates from as little 0.05 lpm to over 800 lpm, they are ideal as low pressure spray nozzles and also high pressure spray nozzles. This means they can be used in a multitude of applications from gentle washing to aggressive cleaning, coating and cooling. These are excellent water atomising nozzles.

See our complete range of straight jet and flat fan spray nozzle options below and click to learn more about each nozzle.

Product Name Description   Product Name Description
Standard flat spray tip*   C7
Disc nozzle
Low flow flat spray   Needle jet
Everloy single or twin 0° ruby orifice
Standard flat spray nozzle   HM / HMT*
Flat spray with tungsten carbide or ceramic insert
Tip or threaded
High pressure flat spray tip*   CD6
Self cleaning nozzle
High pressure flat spray   MQ
Easy fit range
Wide angle low impact   C9
Shower header nozzles
High impact   PFS
Plastic spray tips
16° to 20° thicker spray depth than normal      
* See accessories for compatible HG bodies & caps

Why use flat fan spray nozzles?

Simply put, they’re one of the most effective water jet nozzle types you can choose. You can choose both plastic, brass and stainless steel spray nozzles depending on your requirements, and they have various uses and applications, including:

  • Spray Coating Systems
  • Coolant Nozzles
  • Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles
  • Chemical Spray Nozzles
  • Water Truck Spray Nozzles
  • They can be used as single spray nozzle or used in conjunction with spray bars and spray headers

Choosing the right liquid spray nozzle or spray head can be tricky, but here at IC Spray Ltd we can help you make that decision. We’ll talk you through everything from spray nozzle sizes to nozzle application and more so that you’re fully informed about what you need for your company’s needs.

We have many years’ experience with industrial spraying systems, manufacturing and working with some of the biggest spray nozzles manufacturers around the world we are constantly looking for new ways to provide our customers with the best industrial spray nozzles solutions in the market.

To speak to us about flat fan, straight jet or any of our other industrial water spray nozzles, call today on +44 (0)1244 371167 or contact us online.

To see more about the different types of spray nozzles we sell, click here.

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