ICS's static and self cleaning filters, manufactured within the company's group are widely installed within a vast range of industries, including food production, chemical processes, environmental applications, pulp and paper manufacture and steel production and where there is a need for the separation of solids from liquids.

The in-line filters are available in both static and self cleaning versions, with flow rates staring at 0.2m3/hr to 700m3/hr and depending upon flow rates and contamination, filtration removal can be as small as10 micron.

Self cleaning filters Advantages

The basic principal lies in the simplicity and structural robustness of the filter.
The simple construction decreases maintenance costs and down time and also leads to long lasting components. This is pertinent to the special cartridge configuration, its construction material. Our filters have proved to last for years without cartridge replacement.

In addition based on standard models, special specific designs can be produced to meet clients filtration solutions.

Continuous and increased operation - no plant downtime, usually required with static or backwash filters
Reduced energy costs - Low running costs, low electricity consumption,
Improved product quality - Elimination of liquid contamination
Easier maintenance - Few components subject to wear, simple disassembly procedures. Possibility of planned maintenance contracts. Technical assistances with highly trained engineers.
Compact size - easy installation in most plants

Applications (some of the application - but any application where solids are required to be reduced and/or separated from liquids)

Paper Mills - Water from flotation tanks, filtering of coatings, inlet and discharge, white water, recirculation water, inlet process water from contaminated sources
Metallurgical industry - Primary water, continuing casting process cooling water, recycled water in rolling mills and aluminium mills, pump protection
Machine tools - lubricating-cooling emulsions - recycling
Food industry - Vegetable prewash & post wash, food sieving, food process
Textile industry - Water recirculation, chemical recirculation, dye filtration
Water purification - Recirculation, pump protection, bore & well cleansing
Chemical Industry - Desalinisation plants, glassmaking, plastics,

Self Cleaning Filters — operating principle
The filtered liquid passes from the inside to the outside of the cartridge, leaving the filtered deposit on the internal surface.
This creates a pressure differential. On reaching a preset pressure differential level, the automatic filter cartridge cleaning cycle commences. The gear reduction unit rotates the scraper blades, removing the media, which is discharged through the discharge valve.

The filter cleaning operation functions as the unit continues its filter operation, giving the benefit of no down time.

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Product Name Description
High flow self cleaning
Highest flow self cleaning
Low flow self cleaning
Medium flow self cleaning
Medium flow self cleaning
Medium flow Y filter
Low flow static
Medium flow static
Static high filtration
Medium flow static
Medium flow static
P Series
Low flow static



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