Air Atomising spray nozzles

General Characteristics

Compressed air or other gases mix with a liquid to create fine spray atomisation. The droplets created range from 10/15 micron to 300/400 micron depending upon the size of orifice, liquid flow rate and air volume and pressure.

This is achieved by the combination of a specific fluid cap and air cap fitted onto a manual or automatic spray body and are interchangeable.


These are varied and include any requirement where a very fine spray is required.

The type of spray can vary from an almost dry mist to a fine spray of a viscous material.

Typical Applications:

  • Lubrication
  • Coating
  • Mixing
  • Humidification
  • Dust control
  • Odour control
  • Automatic control of hydraulic spray tips

All industries can benefit from this type of spray atomisation and Euspray’s engineers are available to discuss your requirements.

Spray results and controls

The results achieved all depend upon the air pressure / volume, liquid pressure /volume and the nature (viscosity) of the liquid to be sprayed.

It is possible to regulate the inlet liquid flow, pressure and mixing gas in order to have the desired spray. With the increase of the air pressure, the droplets size reduces creating a finer spray and conversely the decrease in air pressure, (a larger liquid flow), larger droplets are created.

So if the air pressure is changed; the flow, droplet size (atomisation), the spray angle (within limits) and the spray distance are also changed.

E Series formats
    PA formats
Flat spray external mix
    Full cone external mix
Flat spray internal mix
    Full cone internal mix
Flat spray syphon/gravity
    Wide cone internal mix
Full cone syphon or gravity
    GSC range
Flat Fan
Hollow Cone
Solid Cone
Air Atomizing

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