Air Spray Nozzles & Special Purpose Accessories

Whilst many spray-related jobs can be completed using spray nozzles on their own, special purpose accessories are sometimes required to increase effectiveness.

Special purpose accessoriesAll of the spray nozzle accessories available support the already fantastic range of spraying systems we provide, and we're on hand to explain how any of them could work for your specific spraying requirements.
This page also lists a number of steam and air nozzles that can be used for various cleaning, cooling and drying jobs.

Browse our selection of air nozzles and spray nozzle accessories below and click on each to view their data sheet.

A full range of air nozzles and accessories to support ICS spray products are available. Specifically the HG bodies and caps in 316 stainless steel can be used with a multitude of spray tips.

Why use Air Spray Nozzles & Special Purpose Accessories?

Compressed air nozzles and tips can be used across various applications including drying, cooling, cleaning, blow off, dust removal, and creation of air curtains. Some can also be used as steam nozzles if the application requires, whilst eductor nozzles can be used for tank mixing.

Our range of accessories includes pressure pots, strainers, filters, nozzle holders, swivel joints, nozzle tips, and more. They work in conjunction with the other spray nozzles we provide to ensure a complete spraying solution for just about any application.

If a mesh filter is required then we have a range of strainers available that can help prevent clogging and improve flow efficiency.

For those who need nozzles at variable spray angles, then a swivel joint may be the answer. They can be easily moved into a range of different positions and then locked in place to allow high pressure spray without movement of the nozzle.

If you would like to speak to us about any of the air spray nozzles, spray heads or any other accessories on this page and how they can meet your spray needs, don't hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 1642 057085.

PDF Product Downloads

HG Bodies & Caps HG Bodies & Caps

HG bodies & caps for use with various nozzle tips
Strainers for use with spray nozzles where a mesh filter is required

Pressure Pots Pressure Pots

9ltr and 18ltr pressure pots

Strainers Strainers

Strainers and filters

SVHP Swivel Joints SVHP Swivel Joints

Adjustable swivel joints


High impact circular effect

Airz Airz

Flat fan type

C5 CD3 C5 CD3

Air and steam tip and nozzle

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