Eco-Fog Model 1 Mobile Fogging System

The Eco-Fog Model 1 mobile fogging disinfection system is our most economical mobile fogging system in our range and is ideally suited for either static fogging or handheld fogging.

The model 1 uses our Dry Fog nozzle technology which creates an ultra-fine fog with droplets between 1-5 micron which does not wet and is suitable for applications such as the hospitality industry, hotels, holiday accommodation, offices and many more.

Mounted on a lightweight aluminium frame with wheels, the Model 1 comes complete with liquid pressure tank for storing and pressurising the solution you are using. This tank is available in either 18 litre, 9 litre or 4.5 litre sizes depending on your usage requirement. The Model 1 Mini versions makes the complete unit physically smaller and easily used for applications such as disinfecting hotel rooms or holiday accommodation.

The fogging nozzle is mounted on an extendable vertical arm which can extend up to 3.2 metres tall which helps disperse the fog. There a two fogging head tips available to use with this system, one producing 3 litres per hour of liquid and one producing 8 litres per hour.

This lance can also be used for easy handheld fogging when disinfecting specific areas or surfaces.

The Model 1 has simple manual on/off control making it easy for operators to use.

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