Spray Nozzles for Steel Manufacturing

IC spay provide high quality spray nozzles and associated products for every part of the steel making process where spray nozzles and spray performance is essential.

We work with the end user and our world leading nozzle manufacturing partners to ensure that the best and most effective nozzle is used for each application. Nozzle selection is done by trying to achieve the optimum spray performance whilst also using the lowest possible medium and energy.

IC Spray offers spray nozzle solutions for applications such as the following:

  • Descaling
  • Roll Cooling
  • Continuous Casting Cooling

To complement our full range of spray nozzles, we also supply custom made descaling and roll cooling headers complete with nozzles to offer a turnkey solution and offer technical peace of mind for the end user.

We also supply self-cleaning filters which help improve water quality, protecting nozzles or other inline equipment, while also reducing costly maintenance and downtime for the steel mills.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to one of our technical sales engineers, please get in touch or click through to one of the following for more details:

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Spray Nozzle Applications for Steel Manufacture

About Descaling

Descaling is an integral part of the steel-making process, ensuring the quality and productivity is of the highest possible standard.

About Roll Cooling

In both hot and cold rolling mills, controlling the heat generated in the process is done best by using a series of spray headers and spray nozzles specified and designed to make sure that both the rolls and associated equipment are cooled evenly and efficiently.

About Continuous Casting Cooling

In continuous casting for applications like secondary cooling we work closely with steelmakers and OEMS to provide custom solutions to their caster cooling needs.

About descaling & roll cooling headers

IC Spray offers a full design, manufacture, testing and supply service of descaling and roll cooling headers