Ceramic Spray Nozzles

Our ceramic spray nozzles are ideal where either chemical resistance or wear resistance is required. The variety of different ceramic materials available means that we can correctly match the right ceramic material for the application. This results in longer ceramic spray nozzle life, enhanced spray quality, improved flow and therefore less down time and improved production.

Looking at abrasion resistant ratios, standard stainless steel orifices have a hardness of 4 - 15, whereas ceramic spray nozzles have a material hardness of 90-200, making this material an excellent cost effective alternative, where wear resistance is required.

In addition to ceramic's wear resistant properties, ceramic materials can also have excellent chemical resistant properties making this material ideal in applications where prevention of corrosion from chemical attack is essential.

Our ceramic tips can be inserted in a variety of spray nozzle bodies, making them versatile and easy to install in many different applications.

Orifices made from ceramic materials are sized to meet the spray application and are available in different configurations and spray angles.