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Tank and vessel cleaningTank and vessel cleaning requires a specific type of equipment, generally known as Cleaning in Place (CIP) nozzles.

AWH is a major supplier and manufacturer of tank cleaning equipment and cleaning in place spray nozzles, and is considered a world class leader in the supply of tank cleaning equipment. IC Spray Ltd, in addition to their own spray head manufacture, is proud to represent AWH in the UK and Republic of Ireland, providing a comprehensive range of static and rotating tank cleaning equipment and CIP spray nozzles.

This combined with IC Spray Ltd's experience in the world of spray nozzles, tank cleaners and associated filtration equipment offers customers a complete technical solution to their tank cleaning requirements.

The product range includes, static spray heads, rotating spray balls, rotating spray heads, 360 degree spray nozzles and jet cleaning heads amongst other configurations.

Although most CIP nozzles are used as water spray nozzles, they can also be used with steam, chemicals and other media. IC Spray Ltd with their expertise can advise on the most effective and beneficial type of tank washing nozzle for your application. The tank cleaning spray nozzles and equipment can either be bought or hired and demonstrations and trials are available to prove the effectiveness and suitability of the correct spray head for your application.

In addition, most of the AWH range can be offered with ATEX ratings.

Static nozzles

The static spray ball has proven its effectiveness as an economic option for small vessel cleaning, or where “shadow areas” in large vessel occur. They are typically a low pressure spray nozzles, usually operating between 0.5 and 3 bar. Where the whole tank needs direct spray, provided that rotating spray heads or jet heads are not necessary, the use of a spray ball with an all round spray angle of 360° is recommended.

For a lower degree of contamination, we recommend a 180° spray head that applies the cleansing agent to the upper area of the vessel. This allows the cleansing agent to flow down the vessel sides, rinsing the lower areas. In addition, any internal equipment and the resulting "shadow" areas have to be taken into account. These shadow areas could require installation of an additional spray head.

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Rotating Spray Heads

Rotary nozzles provide reliable cleaning results due to the droplet impact on the vessel walls. Again, they are a relatively low pressure nozzle and should be operated at pressure no greater than 10 bar and ideally around 3-4 bar pressure. The relatively low pressure encourages the spray head to revolve at a speed that creates the larger droplets required for effective impact.

Rotary nozzles

Rotating Spray heads - Surge Cleaning

Tanko® S - Family are media driven rotating cleaning heads offering potential savings, excellent cleaning results and product safety.

AWH's state of the art design and their quality of manufacture ensures these excellent vessel cleaning results required in today's process and manufacturing industries.

The design's broader and accurate slits create consistent and a large percentage of virtually round droplets.

Tanko® RB - Family unites the well-known features of a static spray ball with the advantages of a rotating spray head.

Due to the spray ball rotation, large quantities of cleansing agent are spread homogenously onto the inner surface of your containers/vessels in the shortest time.

The results are a considerable reduction of cleansing agent consumption and cleaning duration.

Even in the unlikely case of rotating failure, the cleaning function of the now static spray ball is maintained.

Typical applications include low pressure usage, which does not require jet cleaners, but higher flow rates than the Tanko® S cleaning heads.

The double bearings permit any fitting position required.

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Rotary Jet heads

Rotary Jet HeadsLarger vessels and tanks, or products that are difficult to remove may require a rotary jet head.

These powerful rotating jet heads, are designed to give the most effective cleaning mechanism of all the tank cleaning equipment available. The jet nozzles give a high impact cleaning effect, whilst keeping the cleaning media to a minimum, making these cleaning heads effective and cost efficient.

These may be self-driven by the cleaning media (JM100, 500 and 800) or have an external drive mechanism (the JX range) depending upon the application. In addition, the RT self-retracting spray head gives the opportunity to clean areas normally difficult and restricted.

We at IC Spray Ltd will advise on the correct cleaning head to meet your requirements.

JX jet cleaning heads external drive units. Efficient, economical with high cleaning power, low cleaning media consumption the JX gives the best optimisation of your cleaning process due to the adjustment of the rotation/cycle time.

Tanko® RT is the answer to reach those difficult areas created by internal equipment, baffles, etc, located in vessels. This is ideal when used in conjunction with other jet cleaners or rotating heads. The Tanko® RT sits externally with the spray head flush with the internal wall. The spray head is extended into the vessel by the pressure of the cleaning media and then retracts on completion of cleaning process. Uniquely, a variety of flow rates are available. Additionally, the Tanko® RT can be installed where a smooth internal wall is required during processes. Applications include duct work and process vessels including spray drying towers. For more technical information please refer to the AWH catalogue.

When it comes to CIP tank cleaning, the different options available to you can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately at IC Spray Ltd we can help you decide what spray nozzles and tank cleaning equipment you need to do the job effectively.

Call us today on +44 (0) 1642 777715 to discuss your tank cleaning requirements or any other aspects of industrial spray nozzles. Browse the website to learn more about the different types of spray nozzles.

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