High Pressure spray nozzles

These spray nozzles are required where high impact is required, or a form of material cutting is needed.

The high impact nozzle is usually a narrow flat jet spray nozzle characterised by a particular distribution of the liquid and resulting force of impact. The internal design ensures the nozzle surfaces in contact with spray liquid is free of sharp edges and ease of flow. This guarantees a longer life, lower pressure drop and a well defined and stable flow and spray pattern.

The nozzle material can vary from HHS - hardened stainless steel, tungsten carbide orifice inserts, variations of ceramics and ruby and sapphire orifices mounted in stainless steel bodies.Some nozzles such as the HP and HHP are coated with a unique treatment of extremely hard material giving a low coefficient of friction resulting in a long working life and excellent spray performance.

Test have shown that a working pressure of 200 bar the HP will last over 200 hours.

Application include jet washing; tunnel boring; industrial washing; food cleansing; washing and trimming in the pulp and paper industry, specifically when combined with oscillating shower heads. Descaling in the steel industry is a specialised form of a high impact application.