Water Spray Nozzles

Water spray nozzles act as metering devices to control the flow of water and other spray liquids. The spray pattern is also controlled by the orifice in the spray nozzle.The choice of the spray pattern includes, flat or fan, hollow cone, solid cone, straight jet and square, depending upon the application. Nozzle flow rates are usually calculated using water as the spray media, as viscosity has a direct influence on the spray results of the nozzle.

Water spray nozzles are used throughout industry and agriculture and while the processes and results are diverse, the end result is the same, namely to meter the flow and shape the spray pattern of the water being discharged from the nozzle.

Applications in industry vary; from descaling in the steel industry where relatively high pressure is used to discharge large volumes of water from the spray nozzle to remove scale; to air mist nozzles used where gentle lubrication is required.Water spray nozzles can also be used in straight jet (needle jet) applications for the cutting of material. Normally in this application a harder wearing orifice tip would be used in material such as ruby or sapphire.With energy and water saving becoming the focus in industry it is therefore essential to have the correct metering devices - water spray nozzles - to influence the correct flow rates and spray patterns therefore saving water and pump energy.

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